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Benefits of using enteral nutrition calculator?

Choice between various enteral nutrition solutions and a precise calculation of rate of delivery for an intubated and ventilated patient, fed through a nasogastric or other tube is a time consuming effort, especially when this has to be done to multiple patients during a single shift. A variety of miniscule calculations need to be done, such as BMI calculation for energy requirements, energy and protein requirements itself, adjustment based on a variety of factors, like sedatives, urine loss of protein and so on. Further, the final choice of enteral nutrition solution and its rate of delivery is time consuming too, since various feeding solutions have different energy and protein values, which means that it can be impossible to meet patient‘s protein requirements without overfeeding them or vice versa.

Enteral nutrition calculator‘s role is simple – it saves time and helps to avoid mistakes in calculations, leading to an evidence-based nutrient delivery to our patients. Further, by speeding the whole process it makes it less of a daily chore and leaves clinician more time to make other decisions.

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